Performances and shows - something that takes place in front of others, such as an audience. This may include the preparation and the costumes and props used during the performance.

  • Här framträder en kurdisk dansgrupp. Foto: Jonatan Werring.

    Hammarkullen Carnival

    8 February 2023

    The carnival in Hammarkullen is an annual event with roots in various parts of the world. Song and dance troupes from a number of different countries...

  • Knutsmasso i Gimo år 2012. Foto: Marlene Hugoson/Isof.


    8 February 2023

    In the past Christmas celebrations ended on St Knut's day, 20 days after Christmas Eve. Christmas was cleaned away and all that was left of the Chris...

  • Sagomuseet i Ljungby. Foto: Sagomuseet.

    Land-of-Legends programme – The Storytelling Network Kronoberg

    8 February 2023

    Legends are most often spread from mouth to mouth in meetings between people. It can occur from generation to generation, through associations, museu...

  • Bild från lajvet White Wolf’s Convention of Thorns i Polen 2017. Foto: Przemyslaw Jendroska och Maciek Nitka.

    Live action role-playing – LARPing

    8 February 2023

    LARPing or live action role-playing is a form of improvised theatre without an audience where everyone participates.

  • Nyckelharpa

    Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle)

    8 February 2023

    A Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) is a string instrument with a relatively long slender body. When it is played it is held just below the chest, a bit lik...

  • Polska – music and dance

    3 July 2024

    Polska is a type of music and a dance form. As a dance, Polska is usually performed in pairs. The music can be played with various kinds of instrumen...

  • Spelövning med deltagarna på Nordiska psalmodikonförbundets årsmöte i Karlshamn år 2022. Foto: Johan Skog.


    9 February 2023

    The psalmodicon is a string instrument that was common in much of Sweden during the 19th century. Interest in the psalmodicon has seen a revival in r...

  • Riksspelmansskap or The Zorn badge

    8 February 2023

    The Zorn badge is an appreciated badge issued to merited musicians.

  • Bild från Chalmersspexet Bobs uppsättning Rasputin år 2015. Foto: Chalmers Film- och Fotocommitté.

    Student farce

    8 February 2023

    Student farce is a form of theatre with comical and satirical elements that has been performed at both Swedish and Finnish universities.

  • The funfair tradition

    8 February 2023

    A funfair is a form of amusement park that is often moved around to various locations in Sweden.

  • The Midsummer Carnival of Ramsberg

    9 February 2023

    The annual Midsummer Carnival takes place on Midsummer Day in Ramsberg, Västmanland province. The carnival parade goes through the center of Ramsberg...

  • The Swedish mounted main guard

    8 February 2023

    The mounted main guard in Stockholm is carried out by Livgardets Dragoner. In accordance with the traditions of the state ceremonial, it participates...

  • Cirkus Brazil Jack år 2019 i Tantolunden, under en jubileumsturné. Foto: Per Grahn.

    Touring classic circus

    8 February 2023

    Circus as an art form includes a number of different genres such as music, acrobatics and dance. The classic circus originated in the cavalry and man...