Live action role-playing – LARPing

LARPing or live action role-playing is a form of improvised theatre without an audience where everyone participates.

Location: Nation wide

Tre uppklädda personer i borglik sal.

Photo: Przemyslaw Jendroska och Maciek Nitka.

In a LARP each participant plays an invented character in a fictional environment. The LARP can take place in a fantasy world or in a particular time and place in history. LARPs can take many different forms but generally each participant has to make a character come alive in a particular environment both in terms of performance and personality. A LARP can involve thousands of people in a specially designed environment. The duration of an individual LARP can vary greatly, from a few hours to sometimes several days. LARPing in Sweden started in the 1980s and has continued being practised and developed since then, with LARPing events now being organised in many different places.

Gruppbild människor klädda som orcher.
Människor i medeltida stridskläder och vapen.
Person i medeltidshatt