Music and dance

Dancing, singing and playing music is a means of expression that is exercised in diverse contexts; together or alone, at work, at celebrations, in private or in public, it can be ceremonial, political, playful, express love - the examples are endless.

  • Clapping, chanting and singing games

    8 February 2023

    Clapping and singing games are traded orally from child to child without adult interference. The games contain a song or rhythmic speech, often combi...

  • Fäbod culture

    8 February 2023

    A Fäbod can be described as a form of small-scale farm where the animals are sent to a pasture for summer grazing, consisting of a number of building...

  • Här framträder en kurdisk dansgrupp. Foto: Jonatan Werring.

    Hammarkullen Carnival

    8 February 2023

    The carnival in Hammarkullen is an annual event with roots in various parts of the world. Song and dance troupes from a number of different countries...

  • Knutsmasso i Gimo år 2012. Foto: Marlene Hugoson/Isof.


    8 February 2023

    In the past Christmas celebrations ended on St Knut's day, 20 days after Christmas Eve. Christmas was cleaned away and all that was left of the Chris...

  • Luciatåg på Skansen.

    Lucia processions

    8 February 2023

    Lucia is celebrated on 13 December in schools and pre-schools, in churches, in workplaces and hospitals as well as privately, primarily among familie...

  • Nyckelharpa

    Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle)

    8 February 2023

    A Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) is a string instrument with a relatively long slender body. When it is played it is held just below the chest, a bit lik...

  • Spelövning med deltagarna på Nordiska psalmodikonförbundets årsmöte i Karlshamn år 2022. Foto: Johan Skog.


    9 February 2023

    The psalmodicon is a string instrument that was common in much of Sweden during the 19th century. Interest in the psalmodicon has seen a revival in r...

  • Riksspelmansskap or The Zorn badge

    8 February 2023

    The Zorn badge is an appreciated badge issued to merited musicians.

  • Midsommardagen på Disagården, Uppsala 2010. Foto: Frida Gereonsson/Upplandsmuseet (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Song and dance around the Midsummer pole

    8 February 2023

    Midsummer festivities with dancing and games are arranged throughout Sweden on Midsummer Eve and sometimes on Midsummer Day.

  • The Midsummer Carnival of Ramsberg

    9 February 2023

    The annual Midsummer Carnival takes place on Midsummer Day in Ramsberg, Västmanland province. The carnival parade goes through the center of Ramsberg...

  • The Swedish mounted main guard

    8 February 2023

    The mounted main guard in Stockholm is carried out by Livgardets Dragoner. In accordance with the traditions of the state ceremonial, it participates...