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  • Winter swimming culture

    The tradition of swimming in cold water has a long history in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Winter swimming culture is practiced all over the coun...

  • Weaving or knotting rya

    3 July 2024

    Rya is a weaving or knotting technique that is used to produce rugs, wall hangings, or pillows, often made out of wool.

  • Traditional stencil technique of Hälsingland

    3 July 2024

    The traditional stencil technique of Hälsingland is used to decorate walls, wall hangings, and objects. It is recognized through its particular patte...

  • Polska – music and dance

    Polska is a type of music and a dance form. As a dance, Polska is usually performed in pairs. The music can be played with various kinds of instrumen...

  • Knyppeldyna skänkt till Nordiska museet år 1937. Foto: Lilian Blomdahl-Vadasz/Nordiska museet (CC BY-NC-ND).


    3 July 2024

    Lacemaking involves braiding threads with the aid of lace bobbins and several flax threads. Lacemaking in Sweden has many regional variations and loc...

  • Horsehair spinning

    3 July 2024

    Spinning horse- and cattle hair is a tradition that has been practiced in Sweden, the Nordic countries, and other places in the world where horses an...

  • Flemish weaving

    3 July 2024

    Flemish weaving is a tapestry technique found in the region of Scania in southern Sweden. The weaving technique produces bright-colored tapestries wi...

  • Delsbo stitch

    3 July 2024

    Delsbo stitch is an embroidery technique featuring floral patterns. The technique has its origin in, and is strongly connected to the community of De...

  • Crafting wood chip birds

    3 July 2024

    When crafting wood chip birds, the bird's body is carved out of a piece of wood, while the wings and tail are made from wood chips or shavings.

  • Crafting baskets

    3 July 2024

    Baskets are a type of container that is traditionally hand-woven from various plant materials. Baskets are made all over Sweden, although the materia...

  • Cooking gum cheese

    Gum or grain cheese is made from cow’s milk and is traditionally associated with the Swedish fäbod (summer farm) culture.

  • Boxing day bandy

    Boxing Day Bandy is a sporting event held on Boxing Day, where two rival teams meet and play. The event is held in several cities where bandy is part...

  • Binge

    3 July 2024

    Binge is a regional knitting tradition developed in the 17th century in the region of Halland. Binge is knitted with two colours, usually red, blue a...

  • Äggost

    3 March 2023

    Äggost is a type of cheese based on milk and eggs that is eaten on festive occasions. It has an acidic component such as sour cream or vinegar. Äggos...

  • Krona tillverkad i hår. Foto: Anna Sparr.


    3 March 2023

    Hairwork is a type of jewelry crafted from human hair. The hair is braided or made into lace in various styles, which is arranged into the finished p...

  • Glahålskaffe

    3 March 2023

    ”Glahålskaffe” (Glahål coffee) is an expression that describes the coffee break which takes place when almost having finished a weave. Usually, those...

  • Ett par tumvantar slätstickade i tvåändsstickning av mörkbrunt ullgarn. Foto: Elisabeth Eriksson/Nordiska museet (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Twined knitting

    9 February 2023

    Twined knitting (tvåändsstickning) is a technique dating back to the 16th century. Two strands of yarn are used, alternating the strands for each loo...

  • Pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays

    9 February 2023

    The tradition of serving pea soup on Thursdays has a long history in Sweden. Common accompaniments include roast pork and pancakes, with punsch as a ...

  • Surströmming

    Surströmming is a fermented herring that used to be part of everyday Swedish cuisine. Today, it is considered a delicacy with a strong connection to ...

  • Knitting

    9 February 2023

    Knitting is a textile craft that involves making soft, warm garments such as sweaters, mittens, and socks from yarn.

  • The tradition of Stállu

    9 February 2023

    Stállu is one of the main characters in Sami storytelling. In traditional stories, Stállu is described as an evil but easily deceived giant who hunts...

  • Spettkaka

    9 February 2023

    Spettkaka is a cone-shaped cake mostly associated with the southernmost region of Sweden, Scania. The cake is made from a batter consisting of eggs, ...

  • ”Halfvan går mina herrar”. Tuschteckning av J. J. Meijer (1833–1901) Privat ägo. Foto: Nordiska museet.

    Snapsvisor (drinking songs)

    A snapsvisa is a traditional Swedish drinking song. Drinking songs are among the oldest song genres, and are still an active tradition in Sweden.

  • Pölsa

    9 February 2023

    Pölsa is a traditional dish made from finely ground meat. Historically, it was important to use the entire animal, and dishes such as sausages or pöl...

  • Spelövning med deltagarna på Nordiska psalmodikonförbundets årsmöte i Karlshamn år 2022. Foto: Johan Skog.


    9 February 2023

    The psalmodicon is a string instrument that was common in much of Sweden during the 19th century. Interest in the psalmodicon has seen a revival in r...

  • Pitepalt

    9 February 2023

    A pitepalt or palt is a meat-filled dumpling made from raw grated potatoes, barley flour, and/or wheat flour. It is boiled in salted water and served...

  • Småländsk ostkaka serverad med grädde och sylt. Foto: Frugan (CC BY).

    Ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake)

    9 February 2023

    Ostkaka is a traditional Swedish oven-baked dessert based on milk, flour, and rennet. It was traditionally served during festivities and on special o...

  • Nävgröt with pork and lingonberries

    9 February 2023

    Nävgröt is a type of porridge made from skrädmjöl, a flour made from toasted oats. The porridge is normally served with roast pork and lingonberries....