These are elements connected to celebrations, including seasonal and religious celebrations. It can be festivities, rituals or ceremonies that are reoccurring and mark special occasions.

  • Knutsmasso i Gimo år 2012. Foto: Marlene Hugoson/Isof.


    8 February 2023

    In the past Christmas celebrations ended on St Knut's day, 20 days after Christmas Eve. Christmas was cleaned away and all that was left of the Chris...

  • Love locks

    8 February 2023

    The tradition of hanging up a love lock can be considered a symbolic ritual of love that takes place in a number of different countries across the wo...

  • Luciatåg på Skansen.

    Lucia processions

    8 February 2023

    Lucia is celebrated on 13 December in schools and pre-schools, in churches, in workplaces and hospitals as well as privately, primarily among familie...

  • Purim

    8 February 2023

    Purim is a Jewish holiday and tradition which is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the month Adar, which usually falls in March.

  • ”Halfvan går mina herrar”. Tuschteckning av J. J. Meijer (1833–1901) Privat ägo. Foto: Nordiska museet.

    Snapsvisor (drinking songs)

    9 February 2023

    A snapsvisa is a traditional Swedish drinking song. Drinking songs are among the oldest song genres, and are still an active tradition in Sweden.

  • Midsommardagen på Disagården, Uppsala 2010. Foto: Frida Gereonsson/Upplandsmuseet (CC BY-NC-ND).

    Song and dance around the Midsummer pole

    8 February 2023

    Midsummer festivities with dancing and games are arranged throughout Sweden on Midsummer Eve and sometimes on Midsummer Day.

  • The Midsummer Carnival of Ramsberg

    9 February 2023

    The annual Midsummer Carnival takes place on Midsummer Day in Ramsberg, Västmanland province. The carnival parade goes through the center of Ramsberg...

  • Uppslag i Mångkulturella almanackan 2021.

    The multicultural calendar

    9 February 2023

    The multicultural calendar is produced by the Multicultural Centre in Fittja, Botkyrka. It is both a printed product and a method for documenting and...

  • Vasilica

    8 February 2023

    In Sweden Vasilica is primarily celebrated by Roma who have come to Sweden from the Balkans. The purpose of this tradition includes wishing people go...