Love locks

The tradition of hanging up a love lock can be considered a symbolic ritual of love that takes place in a number of different countries across the world.

Location: Nation wide

Hänglås fastlåsta på bro.

The tradition has spread through Europe to Sweden during the 2010s. It is mainly practised by young people and has primarily been spread through social media. The tradition can be described briefly as follows: a couple hang a padlock in a public place together before throwing the key away as a symbol of eternal love. This symbolism can be understood by most cultures.

Hanging a love lock is an old custom that occurs in various places around the world and in different cultures. However, it is likely that is started in Asia where it occurs at various temples and holy mountains for the purpose of achieving good health and security. The tradition is primarily spread through literature, films and social media. There are now attempts to limit this practice in places that are under strain from the number of locks.