Peppermint rock making

Peppermint rock is a (most often) white mint-flavoured confectionery stick with a red spiral along the whole stick.

Location: Mainly in Gränna

Polkagrisar på träbricka.

The Swedish name “polkagris” comes from the dance polka which was popular at the end of the 19th century. The word “gris” (pig) was what sweets were referred to at that time. Today, peppermint rock is often sold in markets in the form of lollipops, sticks or as small sweets. Peppermint rock is now also made in a number of different colour combinations.

The Swedish town of Gränna is considered to be the home of peppermint rock. Current makers of peppermint rock have learned the tradition in Gränna, including those who work in other parts of the country. Manufacture started in the mid 19th century and continues to this day in a similar manner. The first person to make peppermint rock was Amalia Eriksson in Gränna. She received a permit to start a confectioners and started making sweets. The business was profitable and gradually spread. The tradition is still very much alive and knowledge is passed on through training young confectioners.

Polkagrisar i olika färger och former.

Different kinds of peppermint rock.