Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science

The School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science (RHS) provides higher education and research in the culinary arts and hospitality.

Location: Grythyttan, Hällefors kommun, Västmanland


The School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science. Photo: Jan-Peter Lahall/Örebro universitet.

The RHS is part of Örebro University, and is located at Campus Grythyttan in Hällefors Municipality. It is the first higher education provider in Sweden with a focus on culinary arts and meal science. At present, undergraduate and master’s study programs and shorter courses are held at the RHS. The school was the first in the world to introduce culinary arts and meal science as an area for doctoral studies.

The first steps towards establishing the school were taken in 1972, when the old Grythyttan inn was saved from demolition by the local heritage association. The inn was acquired by Hällefors Municipality and was reopened as a restaurant. With Grythyttan’s increasing fame, interest grew in gastronomy, locally produced food, and New Nordic Cuisine throughout the entire region of Bergslagen. Gastronomy courses were held at Grythyttan, and the idea of creating a culinary school was developed by chefs and researchers.

The Bergslagen region faced an economic crisis when Hällefors ironworks closed in 1987. The Swedish Government initiated a support package for Bergslagen, and Örebro University was encouraged to trial higher education in the culinary arts, based at Grythyttan.

The School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science was officially established in 1992. It is characterized by its comprehensive view of gastronomy, with a strong basis in traditional crafts and aesthetics. Local food production and gastronomical traditions are also important at the RHS. The school has contributed to establishing gastronomy and hospitality as higher education subjects in Sweden. It has also had a positive impact on tourism in the region.